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Join us for a concert and reception to welcome ALL international students and scholars in the Atlanta area.

Extend friendship to an international student or two during the school year.

Share Thanksgiving

Host students from around the world in your home for a Thanksgiving Day meal

Share Christmas

Host an international student in your home for 5 days around Christmas.

We believe that one person can make a difference in the life of an international college/graduate student or scholar studying in the US. International Students are the best and brightest of their home countries and the future leaders of the world. Coming to the US can be a lonely and intimidating experience, and a time of cultural adjustment.


Offering friendship and hospitality to an international student will go a long way to help them to feel welcome in our city, give them confidence in their life here, and help them have a positive experience with Americans.  You may make a life-long international friend and you will learn so much from them as they share their unique perspectives.

Read about being an Amigo from one of AMIS's long term volunteers and friends.

"...I realize how fortunate I've been to count on Jim and Carol as some of my first friends in the United States. Living so far away from home can often be lonely. Seeing a couple of warm and friendly faces always helps cheer me up. Having the pleasure of your company made what would have been a hard first few months here a whole lot easier." 

-Ayush, Georgia Tech graduate student from India

"Love the opportunity to share and inform eager and bright young people and to learn from them as well." 

-Ned Cone, Amigo volunteer

"I love having a connection to an international student. They have broadened my world connections."

-Amigo volunteer

Make Friendship Possible

Here are some ways you can support AMIS:

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607 Peachtree St. NE

Atlanta, GA 30308


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