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International Students and Scholars with Friends in the Greater Atlanta Area

Watch Our 2021 New International Student Video:

Emory Student 
from Egypt

I like everything about AMIS! You feel that there are people like you and someone there wants to make you feel more welcomed.

Meeting new people and making new friends is incredibly fun and a great learning experience - I've learned so much about different cultures, as well as how to practice empathy!"

Amanda Lang, 


Georgia State University Student from Ghana

Someone is always ready and present to talk to you about what you're going through.

AMIS is the French word for "friends" and symbolizes our mission to promote cultural and global understanding through friendship and hospitality with international students and scholars in the greater Atlanta area.  We connect international students with local American friends through our many programs and events. 

Miguel, a Georgia State University student from Venezuela made this video about AMIS:

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It takes a village. This is why I’ve been a supporter of AMIS programs over the 20+ years I’ve worked in international education. AMIS has been an important longstanding community partner to Atlanta area college and university educators. International students and scholars who chose Atlanta as their new home receive a warm welcome from AMIS. All parties involved benefit from the opportunity to make new friends and have a window to the world.


            - Marisa Atencio, Ed.D., Assistant Dean and Director of Global Education at Oglethorpe University

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